20 Best Educational Games as Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2013

Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2013Its Christmas time again and most of you parents would be wondering what to buy as Christmas gifts for kids.

Why not gift them Education Games as Christmas gifts this year?

That way they and play and learn at the same time. And you could end up developing some essential skills in your kids.

So now the question is which educational games can you give your kids as Christmas gifts?

I have made a list of 20 best educational games which you can buy as Christmas gifts for kids this year.


1. Cards Against Humanity (For kids aged: 17 years and above)

2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (For kids aged: 9 months to 3 years)

3. Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse (For kids aged: 6 months to 3 years)

4. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel (For kids aged: 3 years and above)

5. The Elf on the Shelf – Boy Elf Edition (For kids aged: 1 to 3 years)

6. Spot It (For kids aged: 7 to 12 years) (Read more about this game)

7. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 (For kids aged: 8 to 15 years) (Read more about this game)

8. Qwirkle Board Game (For kids aged: 6 years and above)

9. Perplexus Maze (For kids aged: 6 to 14 years) (Read more about this game)

10. LEGO Ultimate Building Set (6166) (For kids aged: 4 to 12 years) (Read more about this game)

11. Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit (For kids aged: 3 years and above)

12. Perplexus Epic (For kids aged: 6 to 12 years) (Read more about this game)

13. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set (For kids aged: 6 months to 3 years)

14. Ultra Stomp Rocket (For kids aged: 1 years and above)

15. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set (For kids aged: 1.5 to 5 years)

16. HedBanz Game (For kids aged: 8 to 12 years)

17. Kidoozie My First Purse (For kids aged: 2 to 3 years)

18. LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket (For kids aged: 6 months to 3 years)

19. Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set (For kids aged: 1.5 to 4 years)

20. Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game (For kids aged: 3 years and above)


I hope you have now got a good idea of the kinds of educational games you can buy as Christmas gifts for kids this year.

If you liked the list, please share it with your friends and relatives so that they can also think of buying some educational games for their kids this Christmas.

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