3 Most Important Tips on How to Teach a Child to Read

How to teach a child to readHow to teach a child to read? This is the most common and frequent question every parent asks.

Teaching children to read at a young age is extremely important for the development of their reading skills.

Teaching children to read helps them to assimilate information from printed materials and encourages them to take up reading as a hobby which can turn out to be extremely beneficial in increasing their knowledge and improving concentration.

But all children have different levels of grasping power and so every child learns to read at a different pace. That is why it is extremely important for you as a parent to be aware of your child’s ability and reading skill levels so that you can teach your child how to read more effectively and provide him/her with the appropriate books and activities.

You are the most important teacher for your child and so it is your responsibility to teach your child how to read.

Given below are the 3 most important tips on how to teach a child to read.

How to teach a child to read: Tip #1

You should start off by teaching your child alphabet letters and sounds at the same time.

It is a proven fact that children learn fast when they are taught the letter names and their sounds at the same time.

In one of the study, some preschoolers were randomly assigned to receive instructions in letter sounds only, letters only and letter names with their sound. The result was that the children, who were taught the letter names with their sound, were able to identify and pronounce the letter much better than the rest of the children.

While teaching your children to read, make them slowly trace the letter while they say the sound of the letter loudly.

For example, say you are teaching the letter “A” to your child then you must say something to the effect of:

“The letter A makes the /A/ (ah) sound.”

Then make your child say the “ah” sound loudly while he/she traces the letter “A”.


How to teach a child to read: Tip #2

When you teach your child how to read, make sure that you strongly enforce the habit of reading from left to right (or right to left depending on the language being taught) and from top to bottom.

You might be laughing at this tip thinking that this is the most basic rule of reading anything.

But children are not born with all the knowledge and so telling them from which direction to start reading and in which direction to proceed, will only help them to learn how to read at a much faster rate.

So always emphasize this point.


How to teach a child to read: Tip #3

Teach final consonant blends first.

Teaching your children words like “at”, “and” etc. can help your child to learn words which rhyme with “at” and “and” much easily.

For example “at” can help your child to also learn:






Spat and so on…..

While “and” can teach your child to learn:






Brand and so on…..

You can start teaching such blends to your child once he/she has learned the sounds of some of the consonants and vowels. You do not necessarily have to wait till your child has learned the sounds of all the letters.



Do keep in mind that learning to read is a long process but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

How to teach a child to read ultimately comes down to breaking it into small intuitive, logical and easy to follow steps. If done correctly then even a child as young as even 2 years old can learn to read.

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