Anushree Rawool

About Me

Anushree RawoolI’m Anushree. I live in India and have a very active son, more on that later.

I am a Jewellery Designer by profession and love to bake cakes, believe me its lot of fun 🙂

So why do I write this blog? Am I dissatisfied with what I do?

Absolutely not, I love what I do and have plans to quit anytime soon.

This blog is started out of passion.

What Passion?

Let me introduce to you my son, Sarthak.


The Motivation for Starting this Blog

Photo0127That’s Sarthak, my son 🙂

As of the day of writing this About Me page, he is just over 5 years old now.

Very active and very naughty by nature 🙂

As he has grown up throughout these years, I have watched in amazement how he has learned to walk, talk and finally start shouting 🙂

Similar to other children of his age, he loves to play with his toys. Let me tell you, we have a large collection of toys at home!

Over a period of time, I noticed that he learned many things when I tried to teach him those things using toys. For example, to make him remember his A, B, Cs, I got some magnetic letters which we can put up on the fridge. Just by sticking those letters on the fridge, he learned to recognize some of them eventually.

There are many more things which he eventually learned through all the other toys. Some toys helped him to develop his physical skills while some helped him to develop his cognitive skills.

This was the time I thought about starting this blog and connecting with other parents who would also be interested in knowing about such educational games and toys.

And on December 2011, I finally started Best Educational Games for Children.


The Journey So Far and Ahead

Since starting this blog I have got a chance to review some of the best educational games.

Some other parents have also helped me in this process and some have even written guest posts on this blog for which I am very thankful to every one of them.

It has been fun writing this blog in the spare time and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Hopefully overtime I will be able to cover more games and add more value to all visitors of this blog.

If you would like to keep yourself updated with all the discussions we are going to have over here on this blog about educational games then please keep visiting this website.

And finally, please read this carefully:

Toys, games or any other parenting resources which you might buy for developing your child can help only if you as a parent put in the efforts.

Just buying educational games won’t help. You will also have to play with your child using those games and teach him or her through those games.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this, and I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!