Basic Electronics Tutorial

Basic Electronics Tutorial for Children and Adults

Basic Electronics TutorialI had been searching for a basic electronics tutorial for a long time. Basically, I wanted some basic electronics course which would go well with the Snap Circuits series for children as well as be useful for adults like me.

Most of the tutorials or books which I found where either too comprehensive or were created only for people with some basic knowledge of electronics. Some were written in such a technical language that I was put off after 5-6 pages only.

“Introduction to Basic Electronics” was one such e-book which I reviewed that time. Well to say it as an e-book in the conventional sense is not exactly correct. It comes with many more things like audio, videos and bonus e-books.

So, I did recommend it on almost all of the Snap Circuits series. Result? Many people bought and found this basic electronics tutorial very helpful.

That is why I decided to write about it today.


Chapters Covered in this Basic Electronics Tutorial

Introduction to Basic Electronics e-book contains 10 chapters in all. These are:

  1. Current and Voltage
  2. Resistance and Resistors
  3. Capacitance and Capacitors
  4. Inductance and Coils
  5. Alternating Current
  6. Transformers
  7. Reactance
  8. Impedance
  9. Semiconductors – Transistors and Diodes and
  10. Building Simple Circuits and Soldering Techniques

As you can see that almost all the chapters are designed for people or children with the least knowledge of electronics.

All the chapters cover their topics in bit sizes so that you don’t get overwhelmed reading each of them and can learn basic electronics easily.

What really stands out in this book is the last chapter on “Building Simple Circuits and Soldering Techniques”.

This chapter gives ample information to you about how to go about building basic electronic circuits as well as how to solder the various electronic components together.

Now this chapter is very useful for adults more than small children because you won’t want your kid soldering things, right? However they can build the basic electronic circuits under your guidance.


Audio and Videos included in this Basic Electronics Tutorial

Each chapter of Introduction to Basic Electronics also comes in audio and video formats which you can download.

Which means you can either read the chapter or listen to it on your mobile device or view it as a video.

Atleast to me this was the distinguishing factor between this e-book and other electronic books or e-books. And this is also the reason why I have called this e-book a tutorial throughout this article instead of calling it an e-book.


Bonuses included with this Basic Electronics Tutorial

Bonus E-booksThis e-book is good on its own. But it also comes with 6 bonus e-books which cover other areas of electronics.

The bonus e-books included with this e-book are:

  1. ABC’s of Radio Waves and Antennas
  2. The Concise Glossary of Electronic Terms
  3. Soldering Tips Part 1 and Part 2
  4. Lost Secrets to Learning Ohms Law
  5. Special Book on the Crystal Set Radio
  6. Fun Electronic Projects

Now, I won’t go into details of each of this e-book. You can read a short description about each one of them on Introduction to Basic Electronics official website (affiliate link).

Out of these 6, the 2 e-books which I personally liked are: “ABC’s of Radio Waves and Antennas” and “Fun Electronic Projects”.

ABC’s of Radio Waves and Antennas e-book covers basic introduction to radio waves, antennas, and transmission lines. And Fun Electronic Projects e-book contains 7 easy to build electronic circuits.


Positive Customer Feedback

  1. Nicely covers all the topics of basic electronics.
  2. Audios and Videos of each chapter are of great help.
  3. Each of the bonus e-books teaches various other topics of electronics.
  4. This e-book is designed for children as well adults who do not have much knowledge of electronics.


Negative Customer Feedback

  1. This e-book is not designed for people who are already aware of basic electronics.
  2. The electronic components needed for building the basic circuits need to be purchase separately. This is not exactly a negative point since we all will agree that books will not come with the equipments needed for carrying out the experiments mentioned within the book.


Price and Money Back Guarantee of this Basic Electronics Tutorial

This e-book sells for around $30 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

So if you do not like this e-book you can get a full refund of your money which I think is great. It is unlike most of the other books, e-books or basic electronic course which cannot be returned.

You can get the latest price of this basic electronics e-book on its official website.


Final Verdict on this Basic Electronics Tutorial

Introduction to Basic Electronics does what it is supposed to do, that is to teach basics of electronics. This basic electronics tutorial is suitable for children as well as adults and with the bonus e-books and the price for which it comes, it is a good buy.

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