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Snap Circuits Pro Explained

Snap Circuits ProSnap Circuits Pro electronic project kit from Elenco is a very good educational game for learning electronics and is aimed at teaching basic concepts of electronics to children aged 8 years and above.

The model number of this electronic project kit is SC-500. This educational game lies between Snap Circuits SC-300 and Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750.

With this game, children can build over 500 working electronic circuits and devices.

Snap Circuits Pro from Elenco Electronics is part of their very popular Snap-Circuits educational game series which also includes Snap Circuits Jr, Snap Circuits SC-300, Snap Circuits SC-750R and Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750.


For whom you should buy Snap Circuits Pro?

Any 8 year or above kid whom you want to teach basic concepts of electronics.


Snap Circuits Pro explained in detail

Pro Components

It makes learning electronics very interesting by letting children build working models of electronic circuits similar to what we find in day-to-today devices.

It has more than 70 electronic circuit components which are color coded and numbered. This helps in easy identification of the different components.

The 70 components which come along with this game are sufficient to build around 511 different electronic circuits and devices.

Some of these components which come along with Snap Circuits Pro are:

  1. Analog Meter,
  2. Snap Wires,
  3. Resistors,
  4. Recording Integrated Circuit,
  5. Slide Switches,
  6. 1 7-Segment LED Display,
  7. Transformer,
  8. 1 FM Radio Module and
  9. 3 Project Manuals etc.

All these circuit components are designed to snap onto the plastic snap-grid. This “snap” mechanism is similar to the building blocks concept and we do not have to worry about soldering the circuit components to the grid.

Pro Manuals

The manuals of Snap Circuits Pro have easy-to-follow instructions with large colored diagrams for each of the project.

Similar to Snap Circuits Jr and Snap Circuits SC-300 manuals, the projects in the manuals of this game are also arranged in the order of complexity. Due to this the children keep on building their skills as they progress.

Again similar to Snap Circuits Jr and Snap Circuits SC-300 manuals, the lessons in Snap Circuits Pro manual also start with an electric light and switch project. This project demonstrates how with the help of a switch, electricity is turned on and off.

Some of the other lessons then move on to teach how to build different visual displays, a music alarm, an adjustable light control and many other electronic circuits.

In all the manuals teach the children to build more than 500 electronic circuits and devices.

Some of the electronic projects which can be built with Snap Circuits Pro are:

  1. FM Radio,
  2. Adjustable Light Control,
  3. Music Meter,
  4. Digital Voice Recorder,
  5. AC Generator

The manuals are very well written but they lack explaining why each of the circuits actually work the way they do. You need to find out the why part of the experiments yourself.

However, it does an excellent job in igniting the curiosity in young minds to find out things which are not included in the manuals.

You can download the Snap Circuits Pro manual from here. But please keep in mind that you will also have to download Snap Circuits Jr manual and Snap Circuits SC-300 manual because with Snap Circuits Pro you can build all the projects included in Snap Circuits Jr and Snap Circuits SC-300 plus some 206 more projects.

After your child has exhausted his interests in this game, you can upgrade this electronic project kit to the Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 by purchasing upgrade kit UC-80.

This game needs 4 AA batteries to run and these are not included with the game. You need to buy them separately.

Similar to all Elenco Snap Circuits games, we recommend that you teach some basics of electricity and electronics to your child using Introduction to Basic Electronics tutorial before letting him play with this educational game.

Positive Customer Feedback

  1. The quality of all the components is good and durable.
  2. The Manuals are well written and contain many explanatory diagrams.
  3. Learning electronics is great fun and introduces your child to concepts of electronics.


Negative Customer Feedback

  1. The manual should have included brief explanation of why the built circuits work.


Pricing and Shipping

Snap Circuits Pro is usually sold at Amazon for 30% discount. You can check out the latest pricing and shipping details at Amazon.

Final Verdict on Snap Circuits Pro

Definitely recommending purchasing Snap Circuits Pro, to anyone looking to buy an electronic project kit for teaching basics of electronics to children.

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